Project development

There is no shortage of companies trying to develop carbon projects, but many are making unrealistic claims about how many carbon credits can be generated, and how much revenue tribal nations can earn from their land. NICC’s role is to be an independent, trusted resource that tribal nations can rely on when determining what is actually possible.

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Standards & protocols

Offset protocols project the value of carbon commodities by ensuring that net greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions and removals are measured according to scientific standards, verified by a third-party expert, registered on a certified carbon registry and tracked through specific serial numbers.

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Web mapping

For many tribal governments and communities, the lack of mapped information, training and resources has created a barrier to improved resource management and land use planning. NICC helps tribal nations utilize web mapping to obtain the tools and information needed to make sound decisions about how to best use their land and resources.

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Calculate your carbon footprint

The combination of emissions containing carbon caused by work, home, transportation and daily life is called a ‘carbon footprint.’ Do you know what yours is? You can find out by using the TiCO2e Carbon Calculator. It’s quick and easy to determine how your travel affects the environment, and to do your part to help offset the impact. The calculator also generates donations that help support tribal carbon mitigation projects, protect the environment and preserve Indian land for future generations.  CALCULATE YOUR CARBON FOOTPRINT by using the TiCO2e carbon calculator