Greenhouse Gas Management and the Carbon Market

National Indian Carbon Coalition (NICC) is a greenhouse gas management service providing project development resources and training for tribal nations and American Indian landowner associations entering the carbon credit marketplace. NICC focuses on developing revenue from carbon credit projects on land owned by tribes and individual Indians. Learn more

Case Studies

Map of Fort Peck

Read about two Indian nations who have developed carbon credit projects on their reservations and how they are participating in the carbon market today.

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Carbon Market

Carbon Credits

The carbon credit market provides a new opportunity for Indian nations and land owners to benefit from greenhouse gas management and carbon reduction projects on reservation lands. Find out if entering the carbon market is right for you.

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Beautiful Fort Pack

Get information on latest news, policies and regulations affecting the carbon credit market in Indian Country.

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 Read the Indian Carbon Connection

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Latest News: NICC receives USDA Regional Conservation Partnership Program Grant to start carbon credit pilot projects with American Indian Tribal Nations and Alaska Native Corporations. More information


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Carbon credit projects use land management practices that boost the ability of natural CO2 sinks like plants and soils to remove carbon as CO2 from the atmosphere. Opportunities for indirect sequestration are found in forests, grasslands, wetlands and croplands.