About Us

National Indian Carbon Coalition (NICC) is a greenhouse gas management service providing project development resources and training for American Indian nations and landowner associations entering the carbon credit market. NICC was created from a partnership between Indian Land Tenure Foundation and Intertribal Agriculture Council to develop and maintain relationships among tribal leaders and Indian farmers, ranchers and foresters and other organizations and businesses that may assist with the development of carbon credit projects.

NICC’s primary activities include:

  • Assisting Indian nations and landowners with baseline assessments of potential reservation assets for carbon credit projects through technical partnerships and utilization of geographic information systems.
  • Helping to identify resources and technical assistance for project development, which often includes contracting with consultants to design, verify, implement and monitor the project, as well as to market and sell the credits.
  • Consolidating Indian lands throughout Indian Country as a marketing unit to be offered for sale in the carbon credit marketplace.
  • Creating a model carbon sequestration ordinance for adoption by tribal governments throughout Indian Country.
  • Holding regional training sessions that focus on U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) energy programs, carbon sequestration and regulatory permitting procedures and landowners’ options when it comes to making land management decisions.

Information Sessions:

NICC information sessions are free and open to all interested tribal representatives or landowners. These sessions are hosted in partnership with the Intertribal Agriculture Council and include an overview of carbon credit trading as well as U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) renewable energy and conservation programs. Information sessions can be all day events but the NICC portion is typically an hour. If you are interested in hosting a session fell free contact us

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Bryan Van Stippen, Program Director 

Bryan Van Stippen, Program Director

Bryan Van Stippen (Oneida Nation of Wisconsin) is the Program Director for the National Indian Carbon Coalition and provides education, training and technical assistance to tribes and Indian landowners who are interested in entering the carbon credit market.

Van Stippen joined NICC from the Ho-Chunk Nation where he served as a Tribal Attorney for the Department of Justice before transitioning to the Legislative Office. As a Legislative Attorney, he was responsible for land acquisition and other land issues, including fee-to-trust, leasing, right of ways, and easements. In addition, Van Stippen has completed internship programs for the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs, the Oneida Nation Tribal Courts, the Oneida Nation Law Office, and the Tribal Judicial Institute. He is a graduate of the University of North Dakota School of Law (J.D.); the University of Tulsa College of Law (LL.M. in American Indian and Indigenous Law); and the University of Arizona James E. Rogers College of Law (S.J.D in Indigenous Peoples Law & Policy). 

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